Emma Jayne Dale
Qualified Fitness Instructor

6 weeks from start to finish, I’m delighted that I have passed my Level 2 Gym Instructor course. The course material was excellent and practise and exam days well planned. The team were great at quickly responding to any questions or queries. Would certainly recommend to others.

Lenny Gray
Fitness Instructor, Studying to be a Personal Trainer

Overall it was very good and the teachers were very knowledgeable, as well as easy to get on with.

Sian Cox
Fitness Instructor, Energie Fitness

The course was very suited to me and I learnt so much in a short amount of time! The facilities were absolutely amazing, I can’t think of any improvements needed for the course or facility itself.

Jaydn Jones
Fitness Instructor, Studying to be a Personal Trainer

The level 2 Gym Instructor course I completed with Gym Instructor Online was fantastic, the staff were all really helpful and the facilities at David Lloyd were quality.

Elliot Stephens
Lecturer Sport and Uniformed Services, Cambridge Regional College

I found this course very interesting, the topics that were covered were all relevant and exceptionally well taught, plus easily put into practice within practical. The staff were very enthusiastic and supportive, they had a good knowledge base and added a lot of professional advice and tips alongside the base course that have proved invaluable working in industry running PT sessions. Furthermore the instructing skills that I as taught on this course have enhanced me as an instructor and helped to develop into a better teacher both inside the gym and inside the classroom. The facilities during the course were second-to-none, they were modern, clean and had everything and more that we needed. Finally I would like to recommend this course to anyone who is interested in starting a career in the fitness industry, the team are exceptional and there is a great working atmosphere during the course that makes it even more enjoyable.

Ross Caldecote
Studying to become a Personal Trainer

A good course provided by fun and encouraging tutors, they gave me all the help I needed and now I have a good knowledge base that is helping me to complete my level 3 PT.

Fitness Instructor, Sports Direct Fitness

Staff/teachers had a fantastic knowledge and have delivered the course in the best standards for both practical and theory sides. Facilities that have been used for the course was very good.

Fitness Instructor, Sweat Gym

Top class facilities, really well structured and enjoyed the course.

Will Eves
Studying to become a Personal Trainer

The Level 2 course was a great course with awesome teaching staff. The set up was good and everything was well timed. The facilities are great if you love cardio, lots of opportunity for practical, highly recommend.

Lucy Chatton
Studying to become a Personal Trainer

Level 2 Gym course at David Lloyd was a great experience, the facilities were faultless and it’s the staff support and enthusiasm which got me the qualification first time. Every day was different and the staff ensured there wasn’t a moment of boredom. Highly recommend!!

Jordan Cox

This course was thoroughly enjoyable, the staff were exceptionally supportive and had a good subject knowledge, the lessons were taught in a relaxed and engaging way, this means that within the group there is a good ‘vibe’ which makes it even more enjoyable. The facilities that we used were amazing, our classroom was next to the gym meaning we could go straight from theory and put it into practice in a practical way. The skills i have picked up from doing this qualification have massively improved my instructing skill as well as my knowledge of the industry, this means that I have been able to run safe and effective PT and gym sessions, also the skills have allowed me to become a better teacher in the classroom. If you are interested in a career in fitness then this is the course for you!

Callum Haggart
Studying to become a Personal Trainer

I found that the Gym Instructor Online course gave me a massive foot up when starting my Personal Training course, it gave me masses of key information that I have found useful in and out of my course. I also found that the staff throughout the course was amazing and also all of the facilities that were used throughout were top notch! Thoroughly enjoyed it!